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Magnum Coulter Harrow

Extremely good in wet conditions for drying out ground and seed bed preparation.  Great for residue management, including legumes.

Consists of one row of 20” Ingersoll blades on 12” spacing, heavy tine harrows (5/8” x 30” tines with Gates carbide tips), plus a 14” flat bar rolling basket.

Rear fold design in sizes of 32, 48, 60, 72 and 84 ft
Working speeds up to 10 mph so you can work 40 to 90 acres per hour to stay ahead of those large seeders and planters.

Very productive with sizes up to 84 ft, ¼ to ½ gallon per acre fuel consumption.
Incorporate fertilizer, pre-emergence chemicals and achieve your seed bed preparation all in one pass with this tool.

The most durable harrow frame on the market, 10” x 10” square tubing with ½” wall thickness.


  • Excellent spring seed bed prep tool, especially in wet conditions
  • Fertilizer incorporation
  • Residue management


Standard FeaturesSpecifications
Available Widths32′, 40′, 48′, 60′, 72′, 84′
Frame10″ x 10″ x 1/2″ wall tubing
GangsSingle row of blades with hydraulic height adjustment
Gang MountingRubber torsion arms (2 coulter blades per arm)
Coulter Blades20″ diameter Blades
Coulter Spacing12″ spacing with a fixed angle of 7 degrees
Harrow Tines5/8″ diameter x 30″ length
Tine Angle AdjustHydraulic Adjust
Wheel Hubs8000# Hubs
TiresTire 385/65 R225
Power RequirementsApproximate engine HP requirement 6 to 8 HP per foot

Optional Equipment

  • Rolling Baskets
  • Chrome carbide wear tips on harrow tines
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 bar harrow options
  • Flotation Tires


TypeTransport HeightTransport Width
Without Baskets1013
With Baskets1313


SizeWithout BasketsWith Baskets