Magnum Forward Fold Coulter Harrow

Great in the Field and on the Road. The primary uses of the Gates Magnum Coulter Harrow are for heavy residue management, fertilizer incorporation, seedbed preparation, and post-seeding operations. Its wing forward design lends itself to air delivery applications and its compact transport (8.5 ft wide) makes it easy to move from field to field. Saves Time and Fuel. With the Gates Magnum Heavy Harrow, you can run at high speed (8-12 mph) covering large areas in less time. With today’s high fuel prices, it can cover large acreage giving you fuel savings of 50 to 75 percent over most conventional implements. A Winning Combination! The combination of 5/8″ x 30″ carbide tipped harrow tines, heavy 20″ diameter IngerSoll Soil Rebel™ blades, unsurpassed section down-pressure, a heavy tubing frame and precise, hydraulic controlled tine angle adjustments make the Gates Magnum an ideal machine for all types of farming practices.


  • Straw management after harvest
  • Spring seed bed preparation
  • Fertilizer and chemical application and incorporation


  • Widths available: 24′ to 48’
  • Standard Auto Fold
  • 1/4″ x 20″ Coulter blades, set on a 7 degree angle, spaced 12” apart
  • Quick change dual end coulter axles
  • Rubber torsion mounted coulter arms provide excellent flotation over rocks and obstacles
  • 2″ Knuckle pin (Heaviest in Industry)
  • 14L x 16.1 8-ply tires
  • 10″ x 10″ x 1/4″ wall tubing toolbar
  • Drawbar can be raised or lowered in 2″ increments to compensate for tooth wear
  • Transport width 8.5′
  • 5/8″ x 30″ or 1/2″ x 24″ tines (height measured from center of coil)
  • 4 down pressure springs per section eliminate bounce and ensure maximum down pressure
  • Hydraulic or manual tine angle adjustment
  • Harrow sections available in 4 or 5 bar arrangement


  • On-the-go hydraulic tine adjustment
  • Hydraulic height adjustment for coulter gangs
  • Harrow tine chrome wear tips
  • Flat bar rolling baskets
  • Air kits for broadcasting fertilizer, chemical, or seed
  • Drop Tube attachments that can apply dry or liquid fertilizer and seed directly behind the harrow tine for row placement