The Gates Coulter Disk 9000 Series

The most adjustable, most effective, most productive residue management and seed bed preparation tool on the market. The Gates Coulter Disk hydraulically adjusts from vertical tillage to conventional disk tillage. Precisely vary the disk gang aggressiveness from 0 to 15 degrees. Adapt this implement to your residue and soil types to achieve optimum agronomic conditions for the next crop.

The Gates Coulter disk provides an unmatched value with excellent field performance in wet or dry conditions, travel speeds from 6 to 10 mph, plus implement sizes from 24 to 54 ft. The 9000 series offers 9” blade spacing (4.5” overall), individual blade hubs, along with your choice of Ingersoll blades in 22” or 24” diameters.


Corn – Spring tillage starts in the fall. With the toughness of today’s BT corn and multi-stacked varieties, the Coulter Disk can chop and mix the residue with soil to provide better and faster decomposition. Do a pass or two in the fall, and then one in the spring to prepare the perfect seedbed.

Soybeans & Peas – Make a fall pass on ground with tough residue, and use the hydraulic gangs to smooth the ruts left by combines, grain carts and trucks.

Sunflowers – Get your seeder going earlier and jumpstart the planting season by a couple weeks with the Coulter Disk. Use it to open up and dry the ground, as well as size tough sunflower stalks.

Wheat & Small Grains – Is heavy straw causing your soil to dry out too slowly in the spring? Speed up the process with the Coulter Disk. Use the adjustable gangs to move as much dirt as you want, so you can dry the ground and reduce hairpinning when seeding.


  • Independent Front and Rear Disk Gang Adjustment Customize your tillage results with 0- to 15-degree gang angle adjustment. Adjust on-the-go from your tractor seat with infinitely variable hydraulic adjustment.
  • Urethane Torsion Arms Keep the blades engaged in the ground while floating over rocks and obstacles. The 12 urethane dampeners in each arm allow the Coulter Disk to pull easily while reducing shock and vibration.
  • Rocking Axle The wide-spread oscillating transport and wing axles provide excellent floatation. They won’t ridge dirt on tight turns, and they’ll easily handle steep road shoulders.
  • Fast Operating Speeds Runs faster and requires less horsepower than conventional disks, so you burn less fuel and finish the field faster.
  • Rear Hitch Options Prepare an excellent seedbed by pulling a crumbler or coil packer via the optional rear hitch.
  • Rolling Baskets Add optional rolling baskets along with a two-bar harrow for your spring seedbed preparation.


Standard Features Specifications
Available Widths 24′ – 56′
Frame 4″ x 6″ tubing. Up to 1/2 wall
Blade Spacing 9″ space to achieve 4.5″ at the rear
Blades 22″ Ingersoll
Gang Mounting Rubber torsion arms (2 coulter blades per arm)
Wheel Hubs 8000lb wing hubs and 12000lb transport hubs
Tires Transport tires 445/70 R225. Wing tires 385/65 R225
Gang Angle Adjust Hydraulic operation up to 15 degree angle
Power Requirements Approximate engine HP requirement 8 to 12 HP per foot


Size Transport Height Transport Width
24 12’6″ 12’6″
28 12’6″ 16′
32 12’6″ 16′
36 16′ 21′
40 18′ 21′
48 16′ 21′
52 16′ 21′
54 18′ 21′
56 18′ 21′ (Only available in 12″ blade space)


Size No Attachments W/ 2 bar Harrows only With Baskets only W/ Harrow and Baskets
24 19800 21800 22100 23000
28 22500 25000 25200 26300
32 25500 28000 28400 29700
36 28100 30900 31200 32700
40 31000 33900 34300 35000
48 36500 40600 41000 43000
52 39500 43700 44200 46400
54 41000 45300 45800 48000
56 42500 46900 47400 49700

Optional Equipment

  • 2,3, or 4 bar Harrow attachment with 5/8″ diameter tines.
  • Carbide wear tips on harrow tines.
  • Rolling Baskets
  • DAC – Dynamic Adjust Control.
  • Rear tow hitch.