Dynamic Adapt Soil Conditioning System

The Dynamic Adapt Soil Conditioning System (US Patent Number 9,668,399) is an option that can added to 9000 or 12000 Coulter disks. Signals from sensor cylinders are fed into a control box which transmit information over Wi-Fi in real-time into a tablet in the cab. In turn, the system processes the information and communicates back to controller via Wi-Fi which signals the proportioner valves to make adjustments. This system allows you to precisely adjust your settings with a push of a button.


  • Reduces erosion by adjusting amount of tillage
  • Allows for precise adjustment
  • Adapts to residue and soil conditions
  • Reduced maintenance and consumable costs
  • Reduced operator expertise
  • Consistent seedbed preparation
  • Increases efficiency by allowing for faster speed
  • Lowers fuel consumption per acre
  • Reduces pieces of equipment needed, allowing for better capital utilization