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Coulter Disk Series II 12000 Series

A New, More Universal Tool

The Gates Coulter Disk Series II

The Gates Coulter Disk is a vertical tillage tool that gives you maximum versatility by also performing as a conventional disk harrow. It performs in the fall or spring, and in conventional tillage or no-till operations. That’s because its front and rear disk gangs can be independently adjusted from 0 to 15 degrees. Run them straight for minimal soil disturbance, adjust them to a full 15 degrees to stir up more soil, or position them anywhere in between to customize the results to meet your specific needs. Plus, two new blade offerings like the 22” Sidewinder blade, which has a 2 ¼” offset, 25 shallow waves, and 12 degrees of curvature for excellent penetration and residue sizing, or a the Vortex blade, which is a 1 ¼” wide, 6mm thick blade for more aggressive clod sizing. Whether you choose one of these, or the 20” notched blade we’ve always offered, the Coulter Disk yields excellent sizing and distribution of residue. Plus, it pulls much easier than traditional disks, so you can run faster while using less fuel.

Our changes to the new box frame include extending it to allow for much larger tires, increased clearance, thicker wall tubing and added weight for better penetration in dry ground conditions. Excellent flotation is still achieved with massive 17” wide steel belted radials for the transport tires, and an optional 445mm width on wings. The new steel tubing structure on the back of the frame is designed to support a 2, 3 or 4 bar ⅝” x 30” tine harrow, plus a 2 bar harrow and 14” diameter flat or round bar rolling basket, or a 14” round or flat harrow basket. Sizes for the Gates Coulter Disk Series II include: 24 ft, 28 ft, 32 ft, 36 ft, 40 ft, 48 ft, 52 ft and 56 ft.


  • Corn Spring tillage starts in the fall. With the toughness of today’s BT corn and multi-stacked varieties, the Coulter Disk can chop and mix the residue with soil to provide better and faster decomposition. Do a pass or two in the fall, and then one in the spring to prepare the perfect seedbed.
  • Soybeans & Peas Make a fall pass on ground with tough residue, and use the hydraulic gangs to smoothen the ruts left by combines, grain carts and trucks.
  • Sunflowers Get your seeder going earlier and jumpstart the planting season by a couple weeks with the Coulter Disk. Use it to open up and dry the ground, as well as size tough sunflower stalks.
  • Wheat & Small Grains Is heavy straw causing your soil to dry out too slowly in the spring? Speed up the process with the Coulter Disk. Use the adjustable gangs to move as much dirt as you want, so you can dry the ground and reduce   hairpinning when seeding.

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  • Independent Front and Rear Disk Gang Adjustment Customize your tillage results with 0- to 15-degree gang angle adjustment. Adjust on-the-go from your tractor seat with infinitely variable hydraulic adjustment, or opt for the manual adjustment bars at 0, 5, 10 or 15 degrees.
  • Urethane Torsion Arms Keep the blades engaged in the ground while floating over rocks and obstacles. The 12 urethane dampeners in each arm allow the Coulter Disk to pull easily while reducing shock and vibration.
  • Plug-Free Blades Never again leave the cab to unplug the blades. Even in extremely wet conditions, they will keep turning and give you excellent residue sizing. The Gates private-label, boron-enriched notched blades provide extreme toughness and long life.
  • Rocking Axle The wide-spread oscillating transport and wing axles provide excellent floatation. They won’t ridge dirt on tight turns, and they’ll easily handle steep road shoulders.
  • Fast Operating Speeds Runs faster and requires less horsepower than conventional disks, so you burn less fuel and finish the field faster.
  • Rear Hitch Options Prepare an excellent seedbed by pulling a crumbler or coil packer via the optional rear hitch.
  • Rolling Baskets Add optional rolling baskets along with a two-bar harrow for your spring seedbed preparation.


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